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So we will sing, cast our hopes out to sea.
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AHAHAH I remember that we had this confession wall when I was in high school and people posted secrets and one was like “I’m tumblr famous” and everyone thought I wrote it ahaha

lolololololll that was actually me…awkward… 

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Young The Giant - I Got

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how to be unawkward: may 29th to may 31st edition

1) when you go to a concert, like the maine for example, make sure you really  know the names of the band members so that when you have a chance to meet them after, you don’t call them the wrong name throughout the only conversation you’ll have with them. ever. 

2) when you see boys three people to your left in said concert that you went to high school with but never really talked to, don’t duck down into the crowd. there is a 99% chance are they’ve already seen you and are now waving to you. just wave back, okay? 

3) when you’re at home, make sure you’re wearing pants and a bra just in case a really attractive guy from plan canada comes a-knockin’ on your door to ask you to sponsor a child from africa, and he sees you through the door window, so you have no choice but to answer the door. i mean, why are you even pantsless in front of a window? there could be pervs in your neighbourhood, you know?

4) when your sister tells you that you’ll live from all this embarrassment, believe her. 

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I just heard Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” on a Victoria’s Secret ad on Youtube. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? 

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